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Our Classes

We want fitness to be FUN! Align offers a wide variety of classes so you can mix things up, learn from all of our instructors, and keep things fresh!

Pilates Reformer/High Intensity Reformer

Pilates on the Reformer is a different way to get your muscles worked and stretched. This spring-loaded machine can make your workout harder or easier according to the spring/exercise combination. Train your deep core, your stabilizers, and big muscles all while testing your balance, control, breath, and focus.  

Pilates Mat

This is you, your body, a Pilates Mat, and sometimes some props (spinefitter, foam roller, small balls, hand weights, resistence bands, etc.).  These exercises are usually the hardest! This class can be adcanved, but is easily modifyable.

Functional Body Building and Essential Strength

These classes is for you if you want to gain mobility and strength. In this weightlifting circuit style class, you'll quickly develop muscles that will help you power through lift.

Beginner Jujitsu

This class teaches self defense skills to elementary and middle school kids.

Pilates Tower

Pilates on the Tower is a way to challenge each limb separately. Your muscles meet the springs so you have to use control and stabilization. Stand, sit, laydown, or kneel, there are so many ways to use the tower to challenge your body.  


Kettlebell is low impact cardio that gives you full-body strength, coordination, and mobility. Come swing, lunge, squat, push, and maybe do some burpees.  


This class is aimed to get your heartrate up, get your feet moving, and to build some muscles, all while having fun!


This class uses the BOSU balance trainer to test your balance, stability, core, and control.  Get your heartrate up during cardio intervals, and then strengthen your muscles while you test your balance.


Bag Bootcamp

Burn some serious calories while you learn techniques to job, cross, hook, and take body shots at the bag. Gain confidence, gain power, and gain new skills with this class.

This Pilates apparatus is like a foam roller, but with an arm, and adjustable resistance pulley attachments. Want to improve balance and coordination? This class is for you!


12 hours notice is required for class and private session cancellation. If this requirement is not met, package holders will lose their session. Members will be charged $25 for a late cancel. 


Classes are small for reason, so waitlists are   usually deep. Each person that walks in the door is important and their time is valuable- clients and coaches alike. 


We appreciate your understanding of our policy! 

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