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Cathy Redifer

I'm Cathy, the owner of Align Pilates. I began my own Pilates journey as a student in 2013. After having my first child, my back felt HORRIBLE. A co-worker suggested I try Pilates with her, and I've never turned back. Within days, I felt better.  I quickly became obsessed and knew Pilates needed to be part of my life. I got my certification from Balanced Body in January of 2016, and have been a student and a teacher ever since.  

Align Pilates was born during the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people needed to move to stay sane, thus, I began doing virtual and in-person private sessions.  As the pandemic slowed down, the tiny business moved into a space that was formerly my family's brewery.  Equipment was purchased, then clientele grew, and then the team grew.  

The team that started as just me has grown to an incredible TEN member team. The coaches at Align fell into my life and into the business at exactly the right moments. I could not be more blessed with these people, and feel the same about our clients.  Align is a special place because of the people and the positive attitudes of the people there.  The coaches and clients constantly build each other up, both physically and mentally.   

Pilates is great, but bodies need more. Our hearts need cardiovascular exercise. Our joints and bones need strength and resistance training. That's why Align is built the way it is. Its the perfect place to receive a well-rounded workout.

I hired people for the strength and cardio.  Pilates is MY wheelhouse. So, in my opinion, there is never too much knowledge to be had.  Networking with other instructors, picking their brains, taking workshops, and asking questions is what makes the Pilates community so special. 


I have my comprehensive certification, which means I can teach on multiple Pilates Apparatus'.  That's why we offer Mat, Tower, Reformer, and MOTR. 

My passion and belief in the Pilates method is huge.  I truly believe that Pilates is for EVERYbody.  Come take a class.  You won't regret it. 

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Kat Whisler

People often ask how I got into fitness, but it's a longer story than you'd expect...

When I was 7 years old, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia. But it was my family's cheesy motto of "I have CAN-cer, not DONT-cer" that brought me right into fitness as soon as I was cured.

From volleyball to swim, track and dance, I was so excited to have my health back and I wanted to do it all!  

in 2007, after running my first marathon, I decided to get certified in my favorite kickboxing class to change up my cardio routine. Teaching group fitness led me to personal training and the rest is history!

I completed both the ISSA & NASM Personal Trainer certification in 2008, plus specializations in Women's Health, Nutrition, and Youth Fitness, as well as countless other group fitness courses as well as the Club Pilates certification.

I competed in NPC Bikini for 5 years and loved sharing my "Cancer survivor to competitor" story with others in hopes that it helped them feel empowered to take charge of their own health and fitness goals.  

Now, as a mom, I'm just trying to balance my fitness while still enjoying life.  

I LOVE helping people feel confident in their own bodies and believe fitness goals are more than just a scale number.  

I believe you can reach your goals, and I'm excited to help you do it!

IG: @keepfitwithkat

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Katy Hanses

Katy has 20 years in the Fitness Industry, 20 years as a group fitness instructor/trainer, and 10 years as a Les Mills US National Trainer and Presenter.

Katy is a Kettlebell certified trainer and a TRX instructor. She is also a Bag Bootcamp instructor and a Cheer Coach.


Her experience and knowledge make her an amazing instructor who will be YOUR biggest cheerleader. Her enthusiasm in class is contagious and you can't help but push yourself. 

This dynamo is one of the best in the biz and Align is thrilled to have her on the team.


IG: @katymillerhanses

Val Kizziar

I began my fitness journey at the age of 21. I had struggled with childhood and teenage obesity and one day I decided I wanted to change my life. I joined a gym, signed up for every class available, and began to track my calories. Over the course of a year, I transformed myself from the inside out. I realized that I loved all things "fitness" and found myself desiring to push myself beyond my limits whenever faced with a challenge. I found myself desiring to push myself beyond my limits whenever faced with a challenge. I spent years as a gym rat and in 2011 I found CrossFit. From that point forward I cultivated a deep passion for all things lifting related. My confidence bloomed and I found myself signing up for any and every local competition I could get my hands on in my CrossFit journey and found out quickly that I LOVE teaching others to love themselves. Admission- I love to coach more than I love to workout. I have a deep, fiery passion for helping others overcome their fears and do things they never thought they could.  I am a true believer that all bodies and that no matter your shape or size, the only limitations you have are the ones you make. This year I decided to venture out and try something outside my comfort zone. I joined Align Pilates because I wanted to focus on strengthening the muscles around my pelvic floor and my pelvic floor. Immediately I was given challenges (Pilates is hard_, and again, I fell in love.  Now as a member of the team, my goal is to help each person I coach to know that they are strong, and can do hard things. I'm here to challenge you!

Francisco Cardenas

in 2011, I stepped foot into a gym for the first time and started exploring what fitness was. The first couple years I followed a bodybuilding approach and later dove into CrossFit, as the variety and functional approach hooked me. After a few years, I discovered a more functional approach to bodybuilding and conditioning that focused on consistency, mechanics, and longevity and I have not looked back since. 

I was born and raised in Yakima, Graduated from CWU, and currently work with Solarity Credit Union helping people with their home lending needs.

Clover Newman

Clover is a biological mom of 2, and a mom in love to 3 more for a total of 5 incredible young adults.


She began developing a passion for personal fitness in her early 20's (yup, just the other day!), and started by independently lifting weights and running. She continued running pretty much exclusively after her kids were born by strapping them in the stroller, putting on some music, and loved the movement and mental break from the day.

Clover then fell in love with group fitness classes.  The idea that you show up and do hard things together, push through, encourage each other, and show up for each other was awesome. She obtained her group fitness certification and and has taught various group fitness classes and yoga for over 10 years. 

She loves to balance cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility into a functional training plan that can be challenging and FUN for wherever any individual is on any given day.

Jesica Busey

Hi, I'm Jesica! I was born and raised in Yakima and started Pilates when I was 15 after I broke my back. Cathy was my very first Pilates instructor and 10 years later inspired me to be an instructor myself. I went to Gonzaga University (go Zags) for my undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Marketing and then went on to Washington State University to get my Masters in Business Administration and Finance. I was always involved in sports growing up, so being active has always been a part of my life. From tennis to soccer to basketball. In my free time, you'll catch me traveling, snow skiing, hanging out with friends, and my adorable Double Doodle, Benton.

After seeing what Pilates has done for my body over the past 10 years, I wanted to be able to help others build confidence in their core and be able to start doing the things they loved again.

Roze Gritten

I'm Roze, I'm currently a 4th year med student at PNWU working towards working towards becoming an OB/GYN. I have been a group fitness instructor for the past 5 years coaching heavy bag, kettlebell, and circuit classes in addition to one-on-one training. I absolutely LOVE getting to know people and being part of their life journeys. I have two amazing kiddos, a sweet puppy, and the most supportive partner I could ask for! I am SO excited to get to know you and hope to see you hitting the bags soon!

Lindsay Moore

I was born a movement junkie. I started dance classes before the age of three and have been obsessed ever since. I danced competitively until college. My Senior year of high school I began taking Kickboxing classes at a Dojo and fell in love instantly. I received my teacher training there, thus the beginning of my journey in group fitness, my true passion.


I danced for the Seattle Super Sonics from 2001-2003 while attending the University of Washington. I graduated from the Foster School of Business in 2004 with a BA in Finance and marketing. This is when Pilates entered my life. I took Mat classes from a Balance Body certified instructor, and that was when I knew someday I wanted to be a Pilates teacher. It gave what I got from dancing, and I missed that! I dabbled in the business world in Title and Escrow sales and real estate before returning to group fitness. I received my Ace Group Fitness Certification in 2008, and began teaching a variety of classes including Kinesis, kickboxing, and Hard Core. My husband and I moved to Yakima with our 18 month old son in 2012. We were ready for a new adventure and ready to get out of Seattle. It was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made!!! I met Cathy at the Pilates studio when she was just beginning her Pilates journey. It was fate! I had the pleasure of watching her go through her Balanced Body Certification, learning whatever I could when she was practicing on me. What a huge blessing that was! It further solidified that I wanted to do the same some day. I finally made it to someday! I am over the moon excited about it! I get to work with the most amazing team and clientele. I love learning and am in the best place for it! I will be continuing my balanced Body certification through Cathy, which is like a dream come true!

Meghan Braun

I am lucky to help Align in the back office with administration and scheduling. I graduated from CWU in 2013 with my degree in Public Relations and love to help people! Besides administrator duties at Align, I also work for a fund investment group, I own my own event planning company (Twenty-One Event Company) and I am a full-time momma to a spunky 4-year-old. I was convinced to do a class at Align and instantly fell in love with the instructors, fellow classmates and the feeling of community.

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